We are delighted to have Maureen Jennings at our March 22 meeting as our first in-person presenter in over two years. Maureen has written four series in the crime fiction genre for a total of seventeen novels.

Maureen Jennings storyThe first series is set in 1895 Victorian Toronto and features detective William Henry Murdoch. Her Murdoch Mysteries television series, broadcast by CBC, is currently in its fifteenth season. She has written for the show for the past eleven seasons and is the creative consultant.

The Detective Inspector Tom Tyler series is set in rural England, during WW2 and is currently optioned for TV. These books were the inspiration for Bomb Girls, a 2012 television series that is now available on the Amazon Prime streaming service.

Another book featuring detective William Murdoch, Let Darkness Bury the Dead is set during WW1 when Murdoch is older, and his son, Jack, returns from the war.

Her most recent book series starting with Heat Wave, features a female private investigator named Charlotte Frayne. The setting is Toronto, 1936. Maureen JenningsIn between writing these books she has created four plays and a short film called Viaticum. Three of her plays are in the mystery genre and all of which have been professionally staged.

Maureen Jennings was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada as a teenager. She has a BA in psychology and philosophy from the University of Windsor, and an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She lives in Toronto with her husband Iden Ford, who is a professional photographer and their dog, a Labradoodle named Murdoch.

Join us in the Concert Hall of Victoria Hall on March 22, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. and learn more about William Murdoch. All required public health measures must to adhered to. Admission is free for members and $5 for guests.