In 2010, the Town celebrated the 150 year anniversary of Victoria Hall.

A calendar was also printed and some key dates listed. Below are these key dates.

Vic-Hall-150-AnniversaryAs part of the celebration, Lieutenant Governor David Onley visited and a grand Ball was held in the Hall. This was a big event, much like on two previous occasions.

As well as the Ball in the evening, earlier in the day there were ceremonies to celebrate the event with Lieutenant Governor David Onley inspecting an honour guard of Cadets. Photo right.

1819 April 8 Cobourg was officially named in honour of the marriage of princess Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, daughter of George IV
1835 January 7 Public supported proposed union of Cobourg and Amherst under the name of "Town of Cobourg".
1837 July 1 Cobourg was officially incorporated as a Town.
1842 May 9 Charles Dickens stopped in Cobourg en route by boat from Toronto to Kingston and called it a "cheerful thriving little town".
1854 May 19 Cobourg and Peterborough Railway opened to Rice Lake. (Left Cobourg 7:00 a.m. arrived Harwood 8:30 a.m.)
1856 December 30 Architect Kivas Tully and Sir Allan MacNab, Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge, laid the corner stone for Victoria Hall.
1859 December 28 The cost of the clock and bell for the new town hall was just under 278 Pounds Sterling, which amounts to about 1/100th of the total cost of the building.
1860 September 7 H.R.H. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (who later became Edward VII), officially opened Victoria Hall and attended a ball in what is now the Concert Hall.
1862 February 24 Cobourg Town Trust gave Council permission to have the town bell rung three times daily.
1865 February16 Royal Canadian Bank opened rented premises in Victoria Hall.
1867 July 1 James Cockburn, Cobourg's Father of Confederation, announced from the balcony of Victoria hall that Confederation had begun.
1867 Aug 21 James Cockburn was unopposed and duly elected candidate for the "Confederate Parliament of Canada".
1897 June 22 Celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee with a great Fireworks display
1899 September 14 Thomas Gillbard, Chairman of Cobourg Town Trust thanked Mrs. Crawford for donating funds for the purchase of illuminated dials for the Victoria Hall clock.
1907 November 13 Ontario #1 arrives at Cobourg dock.  This ferry service between Cobourg and Rochester brought many changes to the town and lasted over 40 years.
1928 April 18 The Supreme Court of Canada sat in Cobourg to hear a libel suit brought by Sir Arthur Currie against a local newspaper and drew national attention.
1935 January 14 In his inaugural speech Mayor Jack Delanty reported that Victoria Hall was now paid for.
1959 April 25 National Ballet of Canada founded by Celia Franca in 1951 performed in Victoria Hall.
1971 October 26 Lenah Field Fisher and the Friends of Victoria Hall proudly announced that after long months of campaigning and fundraising, the restoration of Victoria hall would finally begin.
1972 June 6 Re-laying of cornerstone of Victoria hall by Ontario Premier William G. Davis.
1972 June 27 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Cobourg.
1977 January 6 Art Gallery of Cobourg in Victoria Hall officially opened.
1982 June 4 Col. C. Gordon King unveiled a 12 pounder Victorian–era gun which was placed at the Northeast corner of Victoria Hall.
1983   Repairs on Victoria Hall's bell tower were completed and celebrated by the tolling of its bells to signal time to the community.
1983 October 7 Governor–General opened the restored Victoria hall, and as with the original opening in 1860, the event was crowned with a formal ball.
1984 March 5 Cedric P. Haynes, former President of the Society for the restoration of Victoria Hall, became a director of the Ontario Heritage Foundation.
1999 September 20 Council proclaimed the 1st Monday of August in each year as a Civic holiday to be known as "James Cockburn Day" in the Town of Cobourg.  This event recognizes the contributions of James Cockburn, Lawyer, Cobourg Councillor, Father of Confederation and 1st Speaker of the House of Commons in 1867.