Cobourg has its own flag - designed when Cobourg was founded. The elements in all flags have meaning - Cobourg's relatively complex flag is no exception.

cobourg flag The flag on the left is Cobourg's flag. It is flown proudly throughout the town, notably at Victoria Hall and at the Yacht club (below right).

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Below are some notes supplied by the town about the origins of the flag.


This site gratefully acknowledges help and information provided by the Town of Cobourg - particularly relating to the Flag and Victoria Hall.


Armorial Bearings on the Cobourg Town Flag:

“The Arms”: the basic colour and principal charge on the Coburg family of Saxony was blue with a white rose, both of which are prominently featured here with two lions as those are to be found in the Royal Arms of England. The chief is embattled to recall the town’s military associations. Likewise, the two black rings (annulets sable) gun barrels symbolise the Town’s close connection with the military. The Maple Leaf in the Centre Chief is, of course, symbolic of Canada.

Cobourg was incorporated under a Board of Police on March 4, 1837, by which its municipal affairs were managed during the succeeding thirteen years. The body was re-incorporated as the Town of Cobourg by the general Municipal Act of 1850, passed May 30, 1849 and vested the management and control of the Town in a Mayor and Council.