The summary is a copy of the powerpoint slides used for her presentation to the Society.

Based on a presentation by: Marsha Ann Tate, ABD
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania USA 16802
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As presented to Cobourg Historical Society

Text version here (4 pages).

Early History

1797 – 1820’s

Cobourg 1850-1865

Prosperity to Poverty

From Iron & Steel to Rest & Relaxation

Establishment of American Summer Colony

Reasons for Reasons for Cobourg’s Popularity with Southern and Northern U.S. Families

mansionOne of the large estates built 1857 - now called the Sidbrook property.

Additional Factors

Cobourg’s US Visitors:

Ontario Ferry 1919Ferry in Cobourg Harbour ca. 1919
From Ontario Archives Item reference code: C285-1-0-0-140

 Cobourg Summer Colony: From Hotels to Estates



Economic Ties

 Social Ties

Arlington HotelThe Arlington Hotel on King Street. Now the north west of Victoria Park.

Social Events

Twilight of the American Colony



Original Powerpoint Presentation by Marsha Ann Tate - pdf format

All photos courtesy of Cobourg Public Library